Why bother with life insurance?

Published: 09/02/2023 By Hannah McCormack

Is a question we often get asked and there are a few simple things to consider when deciding whether to take out a life insurance policy. Not also forgetting that no two policies are the same!

When thinking about life insurance, or life assurance as it can also be called; you need to consider your financial responsibilities including anyone that depends on your income. What would happen to them if you were no longer around to provide financial support?

Such financial ties could include debt and mortgage payments which may be passed to your next of kin to maintain, perhaps think about medical bills and or even funeral costs. Not forgetting the everyday household bills and lifestyle your loved ones and or family currently live. Putting an insurance policy in place takes away the worry of how they will manage if you were to pass away.

Life insurance can also leave a guaranteed lump sum of money for your family and or loved ones to provide them with a more secure financial future.

Although life insurance isn’t a legal requirement it is something as independent financial advisors we believe is an important investment. There are different types of policies dependant upon your circumstances and how much cover you want, but ultimately a life insurance policy gives you the peace of mind for the protection of your loved ones and or family if die within the term of the policy.

As we are independent financial advisors we are not tied to one specific provider therefore we can talk through your specific needs and circumstances and provide quotes for the different types of life insurance suitable for your budget. You may be surprised at just how reasonable a monthly insurance policy is there is more information on our life assurance web page

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