ULEZ charges imminent - are you exempt?

Published: 21/08/2023 By Hannah Duncan

From Tuesday 29th August 2023 the current Ultra Low Emission Zone - ULEZ, will be expanding to cover all London Boroughs. Please be advised that our Sutton office which is located within the London Borough of Sutton will be part of the newly expanded ULEZ zone. Therefore, if you drive a vehicle that does not meet the ULEZ emission standards (and you are not exempt) you will be charged a daily fee of £12.50 to drive within the zone.
You can check if your vehicle is compliant by using TFL's online vehicle checker. Add your vehicle registration number and it will advise if your car meets the emissions standards, allowing you to drive freely within the ULEZ without paying a charge.
If your vehicle does not meet the emission standards you have until midnight of the 3rd day following your journey within ULEZ to pay your £12.50 charge. TFL also offer an Auto Pay system which allows you to set up an account whereby payment is taken automatically if your vehicle enters ULEZ and you don't meet the emission standards and or you travel within the Congestion Charging area in central London.
If you want to avoid a charge, our offices are within walking distance from Carshalton Station, or a bus route from Sutton Station.
If you require any further information please get in touch by calling 020 8661 7878 or email tba@turpinba.co.uk