Funeral Plans

Published: 09/07/2020 By Martin Card

Death and taxes
We regularly say there are only two certainties in life but we bet that only one of those ever gets discussed on a regular basis. The following article from the BBC today illustrates the ever increasing cost of funerals but still we rarely talk about let alone plan for our death.

The average cost of a funeral has more than doubled in the last 15 years and is set to almost double again by 2028. Most people assume that they will find the cost of the funeral and deal with the administration at the time. However, research has confirmed that this is one of the most stressful events in our lives and early preparation reduces the emotional and financial stress that it can bring.

Discussing your wants, how your funeral is to be paid for and planning in advance helps the bereaved from being forced to make decisions that they do not wish to at that point in time and can ensure that the more inconvenient conversation about money does not need to be had at that time.

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