Planning ahead could save you £1,000’s from going to the taxman when you die

Published: 10/05/2022 By Hannah McCormack

Are you prepared to leave as much as 40% of your hard-earned wealth to the Government on your death?

As you may be aware Inheritance tax is a 40% tax applied after a person dies to estates that are worth over £325,000 – or more if a home or the sale proceeds of a home are included. This means your savings, your possessions including your property, as well as any money or property you gave away during the 7 years prior to your death are included!

Due to change in legislation Inheritance tax receipts have actually increased 35% since 2020. Although it may not be something you have at the forefront of your mind, there is no better time to take positive action than before such planning becomes urgent. Therefore, we are offering a free meeting to discuss inheritance tax planning.

To date TBA Wealth has given advice to clients that has potentially saved them hundreds of thousands of pounds in inheritance tax, so why not have a chat and see how taking some simple steps to restructure your financial affairs could lead to significant savings in inheritance tax for your estate. Often, we find that providing you with a little more knowledge about your inheritance tax position can go a long way to providing a clearer plan for the future.

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