Claire celebrates 30 years!

Published: 13/11/2019 By Hannah McCormack

Today we are celebrating a milestone of an achievement for Claire - 30 years at turpin barker armstrong!!!

Here is a little poem to mark the occasion (plus we all got chocolates!) 

The thirteenth of November
Nineteen eighty nine
Is a date that will go down
In my annals of time

Trembling with nerves
I stepped through the door
And sat in reception
My eyes on the floor

Just an hour ago
I was safe in my bed
Now filled with anxiety
At what lay ahead

This new office junior
Was ready to run
Back through the door
And into the sun

Then Sarah appeared
And my fear went away
I took a deep breath
And decided to stay

Alan and Martin
Both put me at ease
As we made introductions
Over coffee and teas

As I sat at my desk
Day after day
I found a new Family
At TB and A

They've supported me always
And been there through my life
As I grew from a teenager
To mother and wife

I've been a Secretary, Debt Collector
Credit Control and Admin
Now Looking back through the years
Puts my head in a spin

So much has happened
It just feels like a dream
But I know that I’m blessed
To be part of this team

Martin and Hema
Ethan and Ben
You make work so enjoyable
I'd start over again

So just to say thanks
And show that I care
There's sweets for everyone
To pass round and share

Thank you to everyone
Who make work such fun
30 years completed
The next phase has begun :)